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A photo of a smiling enby. They're pale, with dark eyes and chin-length light brown hair in a choppy style. They wear a red and black button down open over a black shirt.

Lew Wedderien

President — they/them

Lew is a senior at Richard Montgomery High School and will be working with their partner and Vice President, Lingwen Xu, for a smooth leadership transition next year. This year, Lew wants to push MoCo Pride further in both accessibility and scope. Technology will be used to allow members to interact more with the organization, especially when location or privacy is a concern. MoCo Pride will also expand, and work with more organizations. MoCo Pride will become more intersectional, as it is a blatant truth of this world that LGBTQ+ POC are targeted by more bigotry and many have lost their lives because of this. Everyone deserves the chance to grow old as their authentic self with their partner, if that is the life they want.


Julia Angel

Secretary — she/her

Julia is excited to be returning for a second year as MoCo Pride’s Secretary. She can’t wait to meet the new members of MoCo Pride and continue working with the returning ones. She is currently collaborating with an amazing group of teachers and students to help develop the LGBTQ+ Studies Course before it (hopefully) pilots this spring! Next year, she hopes to plan more exciting events and advocacy opportunities. Aside from her work with MoCo Pride, Julia is also one of the founders of MoCo Against Brutality, a student organization working to end police violence at a local level. She is involved in Mock Trial, Stage Crew, and Model Congress at school. Some of her favorite things to do are painting, cooking, playing soccer, and spending time outside.

Sydney is pictured in front of an abstract painting. She looks at the camera with a finger on their mouth. They have chin-length dark brown hair, brown eyes, and she wears natural-styled makeup.

Sydney Spottiswood

Co-PR Director — they/she

Sydney is a junior at Walt Whitman and is one of the Co-PR directors at MoCo Pride. They are excited to work with their team to advance MoCo Pride and promote queer issues in Montgomery County and beyond. Additionally, Sydney is the president of Whitman’s GSA and is on a student-teacher board to help develop one of the first LGBTQ+ studies courses in the US. Outside of pride work, they are on the costumes team in her school’s theater program and is the social media manager of Ayudar Para Cambiar, a club that fundraises for Central-American communities. In their free time, they love to paint, play with their cat, and thrift shop for their depop store.


Amy Zhai

Policy Director — she/her

Amy Zhai is a senior at Richard Montgomery High School and MoCo Pride’s Policy Director. She's extremely excited for the coming year, and is most looking forward to organizing an advocacy day. In her free time, she enjoys studying foreign languages and going for relaxing walks along the C&O Canal.


LUX Trevelyan

Finance Director — they/them

Lux Trevelyan is honored to be a member of MoCo Pride and is dedicated to helping ideas become reality as Treasurer. They have been engaged in LGBTQ activism since coming out in 7th grade, including leadership in the development of the LGBTQ Studies pilot in MCPS, participation in GenOUT Chorus, and GSAs. In their free time, Lux enjoys playing guitar, singing, and researching physics/neuroscience. They hope to see their department continue to grow and find creative ways to meet the changing needs of MoCo Pride through the unique challenges of quarantine.


Lingwen Xu

Vice President — she/her

Lingwen is a freshman at Montgomery Blair High School and is excited to serve as this year's MoCo Pride Vice President. In the upcoming year, she wants to work with her partner and President, Lew Wedderien to push for more advocacy and legislation at the state level. In addition to this, both Lingwen and Lew want to make MoCo Pride an accessible and intersectional space. In previous years, Lingwen has served as MoCo Pride's Public Relations Director as well as being the Co-Founder and Co-President of the Robert Frost Middle School GSA. In her free time, she enjoys singing, playing music, drawing, and hanging out with friends.

Devlin is pictured down the street from the US Capitol at sunset, DC washed in pink. He smiles at the camera. He's pale with short, curly dark hair. He's wearing a blue shirt and dark blue jacket.

Devlin Orlin

Outreach Director — he/him

Devlin's excited to serve as this year’s Outreach Director and to work with as many members of MoCo Pride as he can and further LGBTQ+ representation and knowledge across the county. This year he will also serve as his schoolwide SGA’s President, the President of Model UN, the Captain of Mock Trial, and the Head of Costumes of his Theater Department. His goals for Outreach are to partner with organizations beyond LGBTQ+ groups, including student groups like the Minority Scholars Program, to expand the reach of our programs and policy goals. He's excited to work with schools across the county and ensure various groups understand and work to support our goals. In his free time, he loves to bake and watch trashy teen tv (especially in Spanish!).


Sabrina Miller

Co-PR Director — she/her

With social media growing at an exponential rate, Sabrina knows it is now an essential platform for change. She believes that by using it more effectively, we can grow MoCo Pride and spread information about our resources further. She can't wait to use PR, a platform she is so passionate about, to support an issue that she is likewise incredibly passionate about. Over the years she has worked as a leader to promote advocacy and communication. In BBYO she created advocacy programs and member retention initiatives. She has also helped to establish a teen chapter of Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom here and worked alongside her friend as co-president of the chapter. They built a strong member base and worked alongside each other to create a program list for the year. She wants to grow our social media outreach to consistently post on twitter and create an active facebook group. She will also work with the rest of the board to establish a GSA database to help GSA's grow even if they can't attend the workshops. She'd also like to create a resources highlight on our instagram with numbers for mental health hotlines as well as other resources. In her free time she enjoys sewing and learning about different types of art. She also plays an instrument and does youth orchestra outside of school. She can't wait to work with everyone on board this year and protect and grow the safe environment the organization has worked on creating.

Izzy smiles at the camera, standing outdoors neat blooming trees. She is lighter skinned and has long, wavy brown hair.


Advocacy Director — she/her

Izzy Majarowitz is a junior at Northwood High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. She is the leader of her school’s Gender & Sexuality Alliance, and is a member of the Northwood Environmentalist Club. This year she is excited to not just be a member of MoCo Pride, but to have a position as Advocacy Director! Her goals for the Advocacy Department are to ban the trans panic defense at the Maryland legislature, educate others on the history and intersectionality of LGBTQ+ movements, and provide more resources to LGBTQ+ youth in MoCo. In her free time she enjoys reading and watching gay cartoons!


Ky Baker

 Director of Web Presence — she/her

Ky is a senior at Richard Montgomery High School and is excited to be a member of MoCo Pride, she hopes to use her position as Director of Web Presence to build a safe and loving MoCo Pride community, and increase online accessibility to MoCo Pride resources. She has a passion for writing, and is currently an opinions writer for her student newspaper, the Tide, and a writer at MoCo for Literacy. She is currently working on a novel.

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