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Gretchen Gilmore

President — any/all

Gretchen Gilmore (any) is a senior at Wootton High school. She is so excited to serve as President for the 2023-24 school year! She was a part of MoCo Pride Youth when it was first created and is so proud to witness its growth. She is an activist for LGBTQ students’ rights and equitable education in America.


Jayden Sivali

Secretary — they/them

Jayden Sivali (they/them) is a sophomore at Wheaton High School. They are so happy to be the Secretary of MoCo Pride and will try their best to make sure this organization can run as smoothly as possible! Their interests include cello, video games, and queer media. They are a strong advocate for minority rights in education.

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PR Director — they/them

This position is vacant.


Richa Tripathi

Vice President — they/she

Richa (Rich-aa) is a sophomore at John F. Kennedy High School and a member of her school's Leadership Training Institute. They are also co-director of the Lynne Harris LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Committee and work with the Coalition for Inclusive Schools. As Vice President, she hopes to keep MoCo Pride an inclusive, safe space for queer students and allies, connect MoCo Pride to school GSAs, and continue to fight for inclusive curriculum in MCPS! In their free time, Richa reads books, writes short stories, and paints.


Angela Wu

Treasurer — she/her

Angela Wu (she/her) is a junior at Winston Churchill High School. Alongside her love of finance, she is passionate about youth representation in politics, restorative justice, and promoting allyship. In her free time, she likes to take care of her pet turtle and listen to music from artists like Will Wood, Soudiere, and Pharmacist. This year, she hopes to use MoCo Pride's platform to bring awareness to LGBTQ+ resources and support groups! 


Marshall Friedman

Advocacy Director — he/him

Marshall Friedman (he/him) is a freshman at Poolesville High School. He's very excited for this year of MoCo Pride! He's passionate about advocacy, fitness, and mental health. He's interested in becoming a psychologist or therapist who works with queer people.

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